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Additional Services

Warehouse Services

Packing and Unpacking of Spare Parts - 

We have experienced packers that can assist with the packing and unpacking of spare parts.

In conjunction with your warehousing staff, we will establish the existing order and sequencing of all storage and spare parts areas prior to commencement of the relocation process.

● All areas are pre-labelled, colour coded and numbered to identify the start and finishing points of the product type and location.

● Each shelf location will be individually labelled and packed into our multi-tiered trolleys, fitted with adjustable shelves or plastic packing crates. This is dependent on access constraints.

● Access to your spare parts is available during the packing, relocation and unpacking process.

● Trolleys are relocated in enclosed vehicles fitted with hydraulic tail gates and air ride suspension.

● As trolleys are unpacked and product is placed back on shelves, our supervisor periodically checks to ensure that the sequential order has been maintained

Relocation of Palletised Stock –

● We assess your forklift requirements and pre-deliver any hire forklifts to you.

● We collect and transport your existing forklifts to your new building.

● We provide Forklift and Stock Picker Drivers to work with your Warehouse Team with loading and unloading.

● All pallets are pre-labelled, colour coded and numbered to identify the new location in accordance with a detailed racking matrix.

● Pallet racking is labelled and identified with the position number and pallet locations.

● All palletised stock is loaded in product order and then transferred using 12 – 24 pallet tautliners.

● Pallets are placed onto pallet racking and checked off the pallet matrix.

Relocation of Machinery and Equipment –

We have the capability to relocate all types of machinery from small workshop equipment to large complex machines..

● Machinery is relocated in tautliners, low loaders and crane trucks.

● We provide Fully Qualified Riggers, Dogmen and Forklift Drivers.

● We have specialised Fitters, Electricians and Plumbers for all disconnection, decommissioning and recommissioning services required.

Pallet Racking and Shelving Relocation Services –

TRC has skilled operatives and providers that can dismantle, transport and reassemble all types of pallet racking, shelving, compactus units as well as mezzanine floors.

● We can arrange for Certification to current Australian Standard AS4084-2012.

● We can provide Safety signage in accordance with Australian Standard requirements (AS4084).

● We can design the layout of your new warehouse.

● We can provide new or second hand pallet racking and shelving to suit your new requirements.


Packing and Unpacking of Filing Areas –

Detailed below is the proposed packing and unpacking procedures that will be adopted by The Relocation Company's trained packers for central filing areas in your company. 

Prior to commencement of the packing process, our Project Manager will in conjunction with your Company's Secretarial and Professional personnel:

● Establish the existing order and sequencing of all records and filing storage areas 

● Ensure all areas are labelled, colour coded and numbered to identify the start and finishing points of each filing series 

● Ensure files from existing shelves will be packed, in exactly the same sequential order, onto shelving (of similar size and dimensions) in our fully enclosed steel library trolleys and/or cartons and crates

● Affix, to the exterior of each library trolley, a unique trolley number which will consist of a large colour coded label

● Prepare a “packing slip” for each trolley which will detail the starting and finishing records within the trolley, and the trolley number

● Ensure uplift and delivery (by shelf and compactus bay) location numbers.

As a further “System Check”, we will produce a “Relocation Manifest” which will list the number of library trolleys and their unique numbers to be relocated in any one consignment.

Library trolleys will be checked on and off the truck against the manifest. This will effectively provide a ready record for the location of files/records at any time, whether being packed on site at the “old’ location, in transit, or being unpacked at the “new” location.

Access by authorised company personnel to files and records can be made available at any time throughout the packing and unpacking process, via the above Inventory Management System.

As the total lineal metres for each filing series will be pre-determined, all records will be unpacked in sequential order into the pre-numbered and labelled designated compactus areas.


Relocation of Computers and Printers –

The following method will be used in the Packing, Relocation and Unpacking of Computers and Electronic Equipment: 

● In conjunction with your Company Personnel, our Relocation Project Manager will determine the IT relocation order and sequencing.

● Each piece of IT equipment, including hard drives, keywords, monitors, mouses and cords will be identified, checked off and labelled by your Company's IT Team, using our colour coded labels which will detail the destination location number.

● We will provide zip lock bags that are large enough to place computer peripheral devices such as keyboards, cables, mouses and mouse pads, just to name a few.

● Each piece of IT equipment will be individually bubble wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap bags and placed onto multi-shelved, fully enclosed computer trolleys (computer trolleys are capable of safely carrying 8 - 12 PC’s).

● The computer trolleys will be loaded and transported via a hydraulic tailgate vehicle fitted with airbag suspension.

● All equipment will be placed on desktop/workstations and unwrapped, ready for re-connection and testing.

Colour Coded Labels and Location Numbering –

We will provide a different coloured label for each floor and move stage. Our labels have a provision to write the location number, along with any further information that your company personnel might like to include.

● An A4 size sheet of paper with the number of each location, will be placed in all areas where items are required to be sited.

● Location numbers will be in accordance with the agreed numbering system and floor plans. The numbering system will include locations of workstations, offices, compactus, storage rooms and cupboards.

● At each move stage, to assist Relocation Teams with the correct placement of cartons, computers, furniture and equipment, temporary floor mapping and location directional signage will be placed along designated relocation routes and walkways.












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