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Storage Solutions

Self storage


Looking to relocate, renovate or downsize your living or work space? We have a state-of-the-art, secure storage facility located in Melbourne. 

Retrieval Secure yet Easily Accessible 

With our 24/7 security monitoring system set in place, your belongings are always secured and insured with us. Call or email us, or come on down to our main office and let us make a complete and secure self storage solution for you

Quality Storage Units

We have 20 ft and 40 ft storage containers to suit your personalised needs.

Secure Destruction Reviews

At TRC, our dedicated team of professional and experienced Storage Experts are always available to help. Whatever your storage requirements, we can look after you and your items

Save space and costs with Offsite Archive Storage!

As you know, office space is at a premium so don't clutter up your office with files! Benefit from secure and inexpensive offsite document storage - it costs less than you think. Our archive storage representatives will discuss your archive storage needs to ensure that our records management service suits your business and saves you money.

Ease of Access & Retrieval

We provide a fast collection and retrieval service, allowing you access to a single or multiple records within hours of a request.

Our latest bar coding and software technology enables quick access to precise files or documents.

We also offer a scan and email or fax back service, allowing you real-time access.

Cost-effective & Non-managed

Don't require managed archive storage? We have just the solution for you: Your archive files will be stored on the same purpose-built racking we have for our managed archive files - except it won't be tracked or retrieved from our services.

This is an ideal solution for documents that you are required to keep, but will not need to access much at all.

Secure Destruction Reviews

A key benefit of our software tracking technology is being able to keep you informed when the legal retention period for your archive documents has expired and are ready for destruction.

Save time and headache. We know that your documents have differing retention periods, and we will manage this for you.

Why securely destroy unwanted documents and confidential waste? With increasingly stringent data protection legislation in place, this means companies face heavy penalties if they do not comply with data destruction as well as confidential records management requirements. We can help!

​Tailored Document Destruction


Have several years old of archive boxes or an ongoing archive storage? We can help manage your document destruction. This allows your business to comply with legislation and ensure that client, employee and confidential business information is kept secure at all times.

We can come to your business on a regular basis to destroy your unwanted documents.

We work in line with statutory requirements and your company guidelines when you schedule a time for document destruction of your records at our archive facility.

A range of wheeled destruction bins from 660 litres all the way down to securely locked 240 litre bins are available for sensitive materials.

Large or small, we can handle all your document destruction needs.​

Perhaps you'd like to store items for your business?

With Our Business Managed Solution, we've got you covered. Whether you are relocating, renovating, or simply de-cluttering, we can personalise your storage needs with our Business Managed Solution. Whether you have precious artwork and antiques, library collections or hotel FF&E to store, we have the secure facility and the expertise to store and protect them all.

  • Secure & Accessible

    We have high security premises and offer both short-term and long-term secure storage solutions, perfect for those who need a simple, no-hassle storage solution.

  • One Stop Shop for Storage Needs

    Our storage containers come in 20 ft or 40 ft sizes.

  • Professional, friendly experts

    Our Storage Solution Experts are here to assist you should you need to access your items.

Our Storage Container Sizes: 20ft or 40ft sizes.

Container storage is perfect for Residential belongings, Hotel FF&E and Business inventory / stock. Self storage and TRC managed storage solutions available.

Need inventory collected, managed, stored and delivered?


TRC are able to collect inventory from suppliers, document all items using a specialised numbering system and offer a condition report. We will then store, manage and deliver stock as required. 






Want to store your Vehicle, Boat or Caravan?

​With our secured indoor and outdoor storage and our 24/7 security monitoring & alarmed premises, we can protect and store your car, boat, caravan, or vehicle. We've got just the solution for you!


Ideal for the short-term leaser.


Ideal for the short-term leaser.

● Tyre pressure check prior to collection

● Battery charge prior to collection (for both, you must give us 7 days notice)


Fantastic option for a vehicle on a longer stay



Hand-washing and Drying Service prior to collection

● Battery Trickle Charging and Monitoring

● Tyre Pressure Monitoring and Tyre Rotation

● Engine Start and Run to Operation Temperature



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