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Relocation Management

Relocation Management is a complex discipline that relies for its success on precise planning, intimate linking of activities and diligent but sensitive management acumen. 

A successful relocation is one that proceeds exactly as planned - on time and on budget. This requires a thorough understanding of each department’s needs and a high level of planning to determine interdependencies, risks and timing so that relocated staff are up and running in their new location from day one.

A major measure of success will be the preparedness of the people to be relocated and their support of the move. We are sensitive to the needs of personnel and will keep them informed of progress throughout the planning, make-good and relocation phases.


TRC offers a comprehensive service which in turn offers higher value and a better return on investment whilst at all times ensuring absolute attention to detail and greater management of risk.

The core of relocation management is the management of change. Changes in culture, habit, organisational structure, physical arrangements, location, communications and systems.

A relocation is about people - preparing them for the move, preparing them for a new way of working (new open plan, smaller workstation environment, smaller offices), new security systems, new telephone and computer systems, less storage space and new filing systems.

TRC understands the business of relocations, especially offices, and has an established track record in the relocation of medium and large organisations.  We work to well documented and proven systems.

We will:

            •  meet your specifications for the relocation with a well-planned and coordinated process;
            •  complete the relocation on time and within budget; and

            •  ensure that you are kept well-informed of progress and issues throughout the relocation                          process.


TRC will logistically plan, implement and manage your entire relocation, as it has done with its past projects, to ensure:

            •           Minimum disruption to your business

            •           Maximum security of your assets

            •           Safety of your staff during the move period

            •           minimising costs
           •           A well-planned, easy, no stress relocation


We understand that price and service levels are of prime concern so we will undertake a Tender process for securing 3 competitive quotes from reputable companies and provide a recommendation of preferred removalist based on suitability, relevant experience, availability, personnel, equipment and value for money.

Reporting Process

Each week a progress report will be presented to the project team and detailed monthly status report will be presented as well comparing tasks and activities against progress to date thus ensuring regular monitoring of the relocation program.

In addition, we will also compile an Issues List that will help identify and monitor specific tasks awaiting completion, answers or policy direction by the members of the project team.

TRC will also prepare, upon engagement, a relocation budget including all activities related to the relocation and monitor progress.

Monthly Move Coordinator meetings for both sites will be undertaken with MINUTES / ACTION BY WHEN outcomes.

After interviews are conducted with all areas an Order of March is prepared detailing the move sequence which includes specialist equipment moves, Major IT equipment (where relevant) and other activities


TRC works to well documented and proven systems as outlined in our Quality Manual. Its track record of successful relocations proves that these systems work.

Our document control procedure defines the process of control of all documents requiring it and will be used as and when required by our team.  All project documents are maintained in a single file.

The procedure is available for inspection if required.

Our service control procedure outlines the process by which we control the service delivery process and will be used throughout this project.

Basically, all our critical service processes are controlled by check sheets, standard forms or template documents.



Many of the activities already outlined here have been seen by previous clients to add value to their relocation process.


•     Extensive communication with all levels of staff affected by the relocation thus attaining their commitment in the project

•     Culling strategy which ensures staff are relocating only necessary files and equipment

•     Detailed planning that ensures the equipment is moved safely

•     Completion of a detailed storage and filing review comparing current capacity with future demand and new space availability

•     Liaising with IT and Telephone staff to ensure readiness of equipment.


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