FF&E Project Management


Our personalised approach to Relocation Management ensures that your specific needs are identified and addressed in the early planning stages. This goes a long way to minimising any disruption to business, lessening the impact of stress on your staff and to ensuring a smooth relocation.

Project Delivery

In our experience, the fundamental key to a successful relocation is excellent communication and an open relationship between ourselves and our clients. The other key is meticulous attention to the planning and preparation stages of each project. We will be sure to have identified all potential risks and vigorously test these prior to commencement ensuing a robust mitigation strategy is developed. 

Before a single piece of FF&E is packed or moved, our Project Manager and Supervisory personnel will have an intimate understanding of what, how and when items are to be installed.

During our pre-move planning and preparation our Project Team will have:

● Conducted a full Risk assessment and Risk analysis;


● Familiarised themselves with the site;

● Briefed The Relocation Company Supervisors and crews on OH&S, site requirements, installation schedule etc;

● Liaised with all relevant parties – builders, government authorities etc;

● Finalised resource requirements;

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