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Ballarat University (FU) Library



Pack & Unpack


Bays of
racking/ shelving

Relocation Management

The relocation for the University of Ballarat Mount Helen Campus library into storage and temporary facilities was completed whilst the refurbishment of the existing library were undertaken. 
Each book was catalogued and packed, in order for easy retrieval should the need arise.
The relocation required the pack and unpack of over 2,500 lineal meters of books and journals along with the dismantling and assembly of shelving, excess furniture and equipment.

TRC were called on again, one year later to relocate the entire collection for the SMB campus in Ballarat. Our Move Team developed a detailed Move Program and the relocation of over 3,600 lineal metres of books as well as the relocation and assembly of over 900 bays of library shelving was undertaken over 3 move stages, in conjunction with the Universities Library refurbishment program. 

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