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Office Relocation

  • Professional advice from our Relocation Expert team

  • Dedicated and Experienced Move Managers

  • Enjoy a wide range of personalised services by true Business Relocation professionals.


No matter whether your relocation involves moving a couple of staff on the same floor or 500 people from 4 sites in to 1, we have the team with all the necessary expertise and equipment to complete the move in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

Stress-free Office Move

TRC specialises in providing professional relocation services for businesses that are strategically planned for three major aims: Firstly, our number one priority is to conduct a well-planned and successful office move with minimal disruptions to your business. Secondly, we will have all your items transported carefully and efficiently to their designated location so that your staff can start working immediately after your office relocation. Finally, we believe that a successful move involves meeting your business’ individual needs and requirements.

Quality equipment, personnel and expertise

Our manual handling equipment list is extensive and are maintained to the highest standards. TRC have operated for over 17 years


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