The Just Group

680 PAX



560 Lineal Metres

Pack & Unpack

4 Months

Disconnect & Reconnect

Relocation Management

The Just Group offices were relocated from 658 Church Street, Richmond to 457 St Kilda Road,  Melbourne over two weeks. This major move of over 680 staff required the movement of over 1400m3 of furniture, equipment and office contents, packing and unpacking of filing and clothing as well as the disconnect and reconnect of all PC’s, phones and printers which required installation of all IT overnight.

Relocation Management services were provided for this move and required a detailed filing & storage audit as well as a comprehensive furniture quality audit. This was conducted over 8 weeks  prior to the move commencement. All work was successfully completed on time and within the requirements of the project brief. In addition to the move TRC undertook refurbishment and make good works at Church Street to fulfil end of lease requirements.