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Factory & Warehouse Relocation

We have the experience and capability to manage large, complex and extensive factory and machinery relocations. With us, you can continue to provide the best quality service to your clients throughout the entire relocation process.

Our Services 
Packing and Unpacking of Spare Parts / Inventory - 

We have experienced packers that can assist with the packing and unpacking of spare parts.

In conjunction with your warehousing staff, we will establish the existing order and sequencing of all storage and spare parts areas prior to commencement of the relocation process.

Relocation of Palletised Stock –

● We assess your forklift requirements and pre-deliver any hire forklifts to you.

● We collect and transport your existing forklifts to your new building.

● We provide Forklift and Stock Picker Drivers to work with your Warehouse Team with loading and unloading.

● All pallets are pre-labelled, colour coded and numbered to identify the new location in accordance with a detailed racking matrix.

● Pallet racking is labelled and identified with the position number and pallet locations.

● All palletised stock is loaded in product order and then transferred using 12 – 24 pallet tautliners.

● Pallets are placed onto pallet racking and checked off the pallet matrix.

Relocation of Machinery and Equipment –

We have the capability to relocate all types of machinery from small workshop equipment to large complex machines.

Colour Coded Labels and Location Numbering –

We will provide a different coloured label for each floor and move stage. Our labels have a provision to write the location number, along with any further information that your company personnel might like to include.


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