BMW Group Financial Services


380 PAX

6 weeks



BMW Group Financial Services offices were relocated from McDonalds Lane Mulgrave and Springvale Road to 211 Wellington Road Mulgrave. This major move of over 380 staff required the removal of over 280m3 of furniture, equipment and office contents as well as the disconnection and re-connection of all PC’s including installation of monitors to monitor arms.

Critical to this project was the requirement for BMW to maintain their operational ability for their call centre to service the Asian Regional areas throughout the relocation process. The move was undertaken over 2 separate move stages with shut down and disconnection of IT users continuing up until 10.00pm in the evening and re-connection completed by business commencement at 8.00am on the following morning. 

In addition to the relocation TRC undertook the refurbishment and make good works of the McDonalds Lane premises to meet end of lease requirements which also required the removal and disposal of all excess furniture and equipment.