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Our Values

We stand with UKRAINE

TRC stand with the people of Ukraine.

As the war in Ukraine enters another year of violence, millions of civilians are unable to return to their homes. Those still in the country are forced to live with damaged infrastructure, without access to food, water, health care and other essentials.


Immediate and long-term support is urgently needed to help families in Ukraine recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

Your support and the support of the wider Australian community is critical.


Every dollar you give to Ukraine Crisis Appeal will help to save lives and rebuild communities. Your generosity will buy food, clothing and medicine, help to build shelter, provide medical and mental health assistance and ensure that millions of displaced men, women and children can live in safety and dignity.

We have been fortunate enough to receive some great images and videos from volunteers in the Ukraine. Some of these images showing how donations are distributed, really do remind us that every dollar truly does count. Follow along as we continue to add media to the collection.

Pizzas for Veterans where Pizzas were purchased using donations by TRC. 

Veterano Pizza is part of a business group uniting veteran entrepreneurs of the ATO/OOS. 
Through their activities, they hope to prove that life goes on, and they will continue moving forward.

pizza 2.jpg

Watch this space as we will be documenting Stephen's travels to the Ukraine later this year.

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