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TRC Skates and stackable crates are a great alternative to moving boxes. No assembly or tape required, the lids simply interlock for a tight seal allowing up to 4 crates to be stacked on top of eachother neatly. For secuity and privacy, tamper proof security tags can also be used to keep the lid closed and the belongings safely inside. TRC crates can be staked on our sturdy skates for easy transportation and minimal heavy lifting. These hardwearing, collapse proof crates and skates are Ideal for packing belongings, paper files, IT equipment, books and more. Available to purchase separately or as a pair. We recommend the hire of one skate per 4 crates. Daily rates: .50cents per day for crates and $1.20 per day for skates. Please note the replacement cost for broken or lost crates is $48.00 and $78.00 for skates. Skates available to hire seperatley