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Kingston City Council

TRC have been Kingston City Council's preferred relocation provider for over 13 years. Our services are called upon on a regular basis to relocate anything from a single item to entire libraries and everything in-between, at any given time.
Most recently TRC were enlisted to provide and organise the contents of onsite shipping containers for storage at a KCC site during building and maintenance work.
Furniture items were relocated from the Chelsea Courthouse, the Chelsea Historical Building and a Parkdale Child Care Centre.
Here is what Kingston City Council had to say about this:
"We have one ecstatic kindergarten teacher, and one very happy playgroup facilitator.
Scott and Jason were brilliant today. Super happy with the fast, efficient, and helpful way they worked with us today.
As I said on a few occasions – it was like Christmas for Annette. This will really help her and the kindergarten, and the playgroup, as they continue to operate out of the decant location
Many many thanks all!"

TRC have also provided full relocation services of a family support building, the Chelsea yacht club and the Westall Activity hub.

Primary Schools, Council offices and Leisure Centres are just a few others that have been successfully relocated by TRC over the years.

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