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The Relocation Company (TRC) a wholly Australian owned company having been in operation for over 15 years, providing relocation services Australia-wide. TRC is equally owned and operated by Stephen McIlroy and Gregory Wilkinson, both having over 25 years experience in FF&E Fitout Relocation Management and Business Relocations.

TRC are in a unique position to be able to offer you the opportunity to experience all the services a large organisation has to offer whilst still enjoying the personalised services of true Business Relocation professionals.

Our record in business relocations and project management of large and complex Hospital and Laboratory installations is unmatched in the industry. 


Previous and current projects include the Transition and Installation of The new Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Peter MacCallam Cancer Centre into Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, The St John of God Hospital - Berwick, Box Hill Hospital, The Royal Woman’s Hospital, and the End to End Project Management of The Melbourne Brain Centre, and The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.



The core values of our business are represented by:


At TRC, integrity is the number one value in our book. We ensure a smooth and successful relocation through close working relationships with developers, builders, FF&E consultants, and the best of suppliers.



We have the ability to handle projects of all sizes and complexity. Our management and supervisory personnel have an enormous amount of experience and are our most valuable assets .

We provide a broad range of quality relocation solutions for offices, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, and hotel FF&E installations. We keep a tight focus on efficiency and care in our relocation work, with specialised material handling equipment to move the most delicate, fragile and difficult items.



We are committed to maintaining our excellent reputation by continuing to invest in training and OH&S improvements ensuring that we keep our people, our clients and the public safe.


TRC also utilise specifically designed computerised planning and furniture tracking systems that can be adapted to incorporate your own purchasing codes and references.

Relocation Management


With every move, our goal is to assist you in maintaining the highest level of patient care, to minimise downtime and to mitigate risk.
Our personalised approach to Relocation Management ensures that your specific needs are identified and addressed in the very early planning stages. This helps to minimise disruption to your everyday business, lessening the impact of stress on your staff and to ensuring a smooth, trouble-free relocation.

​In our experience, the fundamental keys to a successful relocation are twofold:

  • Excellent communication at all levels and

  • an open and transparent relationship between ourselves and you, our client.

FF&E Tracking

We can also provide an Inventory Management System, allowing the user to track items by various means over various platforms. Each tailored to project specific requirements.


A variety of reports can be produced depending on your specific needs.


TRC have a comprehensive insurance program and are registered providers of insurance through Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA), the preeminent industry body, as required under the Financial Services Act (FSA). 


Professional Indemnity 

TRC have professional Indemnity insurance to the value of $6 million. 


Public Liability Insurance

The Relocation Company has public liability insurance to $20 million. 

Work Cover
Our personnel are fully protected under current work cover legislation.


Transit and Storage Insurance

An all risks full transit insurance or limited liability cover for storage and transit of your goods can be arranged through TRC. 

Our Resources

operates with full-time operative personnel, administrative staff and experienced casual personnel. Where we require additional temporary staff, we have preferred supplier agreements in place with two labour providers. This affords us access to further inducted and trained personnel. We also adopt a supervisor to crew ratio of 1:4 and equipment to crew ratio of 2:1. We pride ourselves in training and equipping our personnel to the highest standard.


Storage Facility

Our storage facilities have a comprehensive 24/7 monitored “back-to-base” security alarm system. We also maintain regular fire and pest prevention programs. Furniture items are stored in secure individual consignment lots and easily accessible for inspection purposes.  The security of our client’s goods are of utmost importance to us.


TRC maintains a fleet of fully enclosed furniture moving vehicles fitted with hydraulic tailgates, air-ride suspension, furniture pads, furniture ties, equipment and toolboxes.

Our manual handling equipment list is extensive and caters for all lifting and loading requirements.


All our equipment and vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

Scientific Equipment

As the relocation of these specialised items form an integral part of the relocation process and as such are captured in our Relation Master Plan, we have found it to be in the best interest of the Hospital for TRC to assume an overarching management role of suppliers and supplier transport providers, thus ensuring continuity of service and delivery.

Large Machinery - These items will be transported by our professional heavy machinery carriers. Decommissioning and recommissioning of equipment is also available.

Microscopes – Preparation of these is usually conducted by laboratory staff and/or specialist providers. We will provide specially constructed trolleys for the safe transportation of these instruments. Items will be bubble wrapped and secured in our secure multi-purpose trolleys. Trolleys are supplied with foam blanket inserts and are also fitted with rubberised (hospital grade) wheels to ensure ease of manoeuvrability and quietness.

Bench Top Equipment – Smaller equipment such as scales, analysers, and testing instruments will be packed and wrapped with anti-static bubble wrap and relocated in our secure multi-purpose trolleys. 

Laboratory Equipment – It is recommended that the preparation of equipment should be undertaken in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Utilising the services of recommended specialists, instruments will be packed and wrapped with antistatic bubble wrap and relocated in enclosed trolleys.

Centrifuges – Once decontaminated and secured large centrifuges will be shrink wrapped and relocated on dollies or pallets jacks via our hydraulic tailgate vehicle. The internal bowl and discs will need to be removed and packed separately prior to removal.


Ovens and Incubators – Large ovens and incubators will be shrink wrapped and lifted onto a pallet by hand operated forklifts. These units will then be strapped to a pallet for transport. Smaller type ovens and incubators will be shrink wrapped, lifted from bench tops by means of a flat-bed trolley and placed on dollies for transportation.

Glassware – Our packers are A.F.R.A. trained and accredited. We use techniques approved to industry standard. Bundled up “crush” paper is placed in the bottom and top of the carton to form a “cushion” and all items are individually wrapped in butcher paper and/or bubble wrap. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the carton.

Fume Hoods – Decontamination and disconnection of services to be undertaken by laboratory personnel and/or specialists prior to the relocation of fume hoods and bio-hazard cabinets. We have specialist flat-bed trolleys and hand operated forklifts to remove fume hoods from bench tops and stands. Each unit is placed on dollies and wheeled via the nominated route. Items are then relocated in hydraulic tailgate vehicles fitted with air-bag suspension.

Fridges and Freezers - Time critical items such as minus 20, 40 and 80 degree freezers will have priority of movement and if required, a separate crew as well as vehicles will be allocated to this task. In our experience, minus 40 and especially minus 80 freezers are “packed out”, shrink wrapped and relocated using our specialised lay-back trolleys. In addition, we have generators which can be housed in the vehicle to ensure the temperature of the freezer does not fall outside of the acceptable temperature range.

Fridge and Freezer Contents – We can also provide mobile freezer boxes fitted with a separate dry ice compartment and constructed with PIR insulated panel, capable of holding an internal operating temperature of -45C. For less sensitive fridge and freezer content, we provide “eskies” and freezer packs.

Chemicals – We recommend the transport of these by a registered chemical carrier. As added precaution against chemical spillage, we provide clean plastic crates fitted with plastic bag liners, spill pads and vermiculite.

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